Our Model

The Dunklin Model

Three hearts representing the three primary areas of ministry in the Dunklin Recovery Program model

The Dunklin model is unique, but the importance is clear. Three interrelated ministries formed under one umbrella of leadership. The Recovery Program birthed the Christian Community, which in turn birthed the disciples who responded to the call of God on their lives, creating the need for Ministry Training.

Recovery Program

The “City of Refuge” has become the lighthouse on the hill. Men come into the program with low self-esteem and little hope that their lives can ever change. A Christ-centered recovery program is distinctly different than secular approaches in that it includes material learned from the scientific community while centering on a man’s relationship with God and his need for reconciliation and spiritual healing. They experience a personal relationship with God, a healthy work ethic, and freedom from the bondage of addiction.

Christian Community

Our desire is to see every person the Lord plants here to be trained and equipped to minister to those whom they encounter on a daily basis within their individual spheres of influence. The recovery Church is a family of individuals at different stages of growth and maturity with a deep tie of relationship. This church model is uniquely designed to offer long-term support for the entire family in a therapeutic community and helps the family rebuild broken relationships between God and other family members.

Ministry Training

We have an unprecedented opportunity to impact the global epidemic by training leaders to train others in the U.S. and other strategic countries that will become regional equipping centers. Men who are raised up through the program, as well as those who are called into this type of ministry, are given the opportunity to fulfill the unique purpose God has for their lives.

The training within the Dunklin community is conducted at all levels and is designed to meet the various needs and to utilize the gifts of the staff and men in the program. Training is provided to develop life skills and godly character, within the setting of an affirming community, committed to modeling the Christian life.