Our Mission

“I came to Dunklin in the Summer of 2003 with a life controlling addiction to cocaine. I had destroyed relationships and caused a lot of pain and disappointment in the lives of those who loved me most. Since then, the Lord has done what only he can do. He’s given me life, hope and purpose. All of my relationships have been restored and the Lord has given me the wife of my dreams. We’ve just had our one year anniversary and it has been a wonderful year. Isn’t God good.”

Dunklin Memorial Church, Inc. exists as a New Testament church, and the general nature of its purpose shall be to propagate among all people the Gospel of Jesus Christ based on the records contained in the Holy Bible. It also provides a community environment, biblical instruction, and work opportunities for men trapped in chemical addiction to become new creatures in Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit and the application of the Gospel to all areas of their lives, so that all their relationships become new as well.

A critical part of becoming a complete new creature in Christ is for men, without a strong work ethic, to learn to work and demonstrate Christian qualities in the workplace. Therefore, in addition to operating a church for the benefit of the church members, it is the mission of Dunklin Memorial Church to offer a regeneration ministry that combines biblical teaching with labor in a closely supervised environment. Because the relationship with Christ should affect all areas of work and personal life, it is essential that men not only receive biblical instruction in the classroom setting but also in the work place, dorm rooms, worship center, and on the weekend with their families.

Man in canoe on lake at Dunklin Memroial Camp in Okeechobee Florida

Furthermore, it is the mission of Dunklin to develop other ministries such as Overcomers Groups, Halfway Houses, and Cities of Refuge in new locations worldwide for the purpose of spreading this mission of Dunklin Memorial church to other organizations and cultures.


  • Dunklin recognizes Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of the ministry.
  • Dunklin provides a healthy environment, biblical instruction, and work opportunities for men trapped in the bondage of chemical addiction.
  • Dunklin pursues family restoration and strives to equip each member to have a personal relationship with the Lord.