Dunklin History

Dunklin Memorial Church was founded by Mickey and Laura Maye Evans in 1962 in a wilderness area of Martin County for the purpose of building a “city” for the spiritual, emotional, and physical regeneration of alcoholics and drug addicts. The Webster dictionary defines “refuge” as a shelter, or protection from danger or distress. The “City of Refuge” concept was born out of the vision from God.

The founders of Dunklin Memorial Church in Okeechobee Florida

Our belief is that the Christian approach to alcoholism and drug addiction produces the most effective and enduring results. As seeds are planted they begin to take root and are nurtured until they begin to bear fruit.

Men started arriving at the Camp with the goal of sobriety and found that they could achieve more than just a sober lifestyle. They soon found a permanent, lasting relationship with God. They were no longer considered “the problem,” but now a solution to that problem.

We saw that the families of the men in the program needed healing too, and we encouraged them to participate in groups and Biblical counseling sessions every weekend. Each member of the family receives guidance and spiritual instruction in the rebuilding of family life.

As a result, Dunklin Memorial Camp has become a growing recovery community with a thriving local church body and ministry training center. The idea is being replicated in the U.S. and overseas.

Road to Dunklin by: Laura Lee Bryan A Retrospective History of Dunklin Memorial Camp. Call our printshop at 772-597-4440 to order your copy.