Our Program

Regeneration Program

Path on prayer island at Dunklin Memorial Camp in Okeechobee Florida

Our Regeneration Program requires a ten-month commitment. This begins with a four-week Induction Period. During this time, the man will begin to develop his relationship with the Lord and gain an understanding of the Dunklin program. Following the Induction Class, is the Orientation Class where the man writes a personal contract stating specific achievable goals he intends to attain during the remainder of the program. After Orientation, the ten-week Regeneration begins where Biblical counseling, classroom teaching, and small groups are methods used to address the spiritual, mental, and physical issues involved with addiction. The next ten weeks involve the process of Inner Healing where the man learns that forgiveness is the key to spiritual maturity and that the cross is the focal point for all forgiveness. Next, the man enters a ten-week period of Discipleship Training where he learns to take his focus off his addiction and who he used to be and learns to walk in the truth of who God says he is.

Every man in the program is assigned to a work task for approximately five hours each day according to his physical ability and skills. The purpose of this is to learn good work ethics and apply relational skills in a closely supervised environment.

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“The battle with addiction, and all that goes with it nearly killed our marriage. Even after months of recovery counseling in Family Recovery, the feelings of anger, resentment, and deep hurt remained. It seemed as if we would not make it. However, beyond what we could see, the Holy Spirit was healing our relationship. Now we walk in His light and live together as a Christian family. The Lord has allowed us to minister to other hurting people and even opened up a place for me to minister at Teen Challenge to young men struggling with life controlling problems. The great God of redemption redeemed our marriage and our family.”