Letters to a Disciple

Letters to a Disciple

“Letters to a Disciple” remain as an incredible testimony to a man that will never be forgotten here at Dunklin Memorial Camp. Lou and his wife Lil lived in our community for a number of years and were instrumental in the writing and implementation of the curriculum that Dunklin has used for years and continues to use in our men’s program and in our family recovery classes.

Lou has gone home to be with the Lord in glory and Lil has since moved to Naples, FL to be near her family there. We miss Lou and his wisdom and spirituality and Lil’s warm kisses that have comforted many like none others could, but we are blessed that a part of them will always remain with us.

We hope you enjoy “Letters to a Disciple”. We also hope that the Holy Spirit speaks to you through the letters and that your relationship with the Lord is deeply enriched.

Devotions by Topic

A Curse Focus Perfection
Angry At God For Or Against Personalizing
Anointing Forgive Prayer
Appetite Forgiveness Prophesy
Awaken God Or Man Purity
Body Of Christ God Is Spirit Relationship
Behavior Grace Renewal
Believe Hearing God Repentance
Being Specific Holiness Responsibility
Born Again Holy Spirit Responding
Called/Chosen Home Groups Sacrifice
Choice Humanism Self-Will
Christian-Humanism Humility Sin
Commitment Idolatry Self Improvement
Communion Imagination Sent By God
Concentration Intercession Spirit
Conversion Interdependence Spiritual Maturity
Christmas Ishmael Spiritual Fruit
Death Jesus’ Birth Servanthood
Deception Kingdom Stewardship
Delivered Knowledge Of Good Talents
Discipline Knowledge Of Jesus The Cross
Duality Logic The Father
Enthusiasm Love The Price
Eternity Love Jesus Thought
Expectations Miracles Today
Expediency New Creature Trust
Faith Our Cross Truth
Fasting Our Heart Two Kingdoms
Favor Overcoming Waiting
Flesh Peculiar Worship